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Want to discover more eco-responsible and healthy alternatives for your family?

My mission is to make your choices easier with simple tips and tricks that are easy to apply.

You are eager to learn, so discover how easy it is to make homemade cosmetics and learn how to decrypt INCI lists through articles, videos or my workshops.

Be conscious and informed consumers with a choice at all times!

You need to deepen your values, knowledge on a space where you will have the opportunity to exchange.

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I’m Debra, mom and a fan of green alternatives! Here are mixed cosmetic recipes and my quest towards healthy family consumption as a whole. It all starts with a Youtube channel in 2014, here are mixed cosmetic recipes and my quest towards healthy family consumption as a whole.

I put away my super-mother cape to live off my passion for writing through my blog written with 3 pairs of hands. :

Immerse yourself in my world through my status as a web and press editor.

Feel free to take a look at my WORKSHOPS and PARUTIONS to discover and follow my multiple functions!

To share more and more, the idea of creating a blog was too strong.

Writing and audiovisual are for me very complementary, I was often stuck not being able to add more information or
discuss more about a subject or risk having a video that is too long.

A little bit more, since September 2016 I have chosen to share this space with new editors. Passionate about cooking, food, beauty, health, or alternative lifestyle, they will transport you to their worlds and share their experiences.