Leather Jackets for Men – A Guide

Leather jackets have been fashionable for decades. Hardly any other garment is as timeless and permanently successful as the leather jacket. Over the years, it has become a symbol of freedom, boundlessness and individuality. You can’t buy anything wrong from Leather Underwear Store For Men. Ok, it has to fit, the color should please and from the abundance of different models it is sometimes not so easy to find the right specimen. We will explain to you what you should look out for when buying and why a men’s leather jacket is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Leather jackets come in many different styles and styles. Over the years new models have been added. Many of the different types can be traced back to different areas of use, such as the classic pilot’s jacket, which gave the pilots at the beginning of the flying era this so characteristic image together with the pilot’s glasses and the pilot’s hood. Later, the short leather jackets from the biker scene were added, which were also appreciated in police circles as robust work clothing. In order to make the right choice, it is important to know what you like and what is possible. The following is a short list of the different types of leather jackets.

Flyer Jacket

The pilot or pilot jacket was the ideal companion in airy regions. At that time, the classic closed cockpit did not yet exist. The pilot was unprotected from environmental influences and therefore had to wear reliable protective clothing. The leather jacket was made for this job. It kept away wind, was super robust against environmental influences and could withstand all kinds of strains without great difficulty. It was therefore part of the standard repertoire of every pilot at the time. In the meantime, such jackets are generally no longer necessary in aviation. However, the pilot’s jacket was able to establish itself as fashionable, trendy everyday clothing and is still a popular item of clothing, especially among men. Due to the strong representation in the military sector, military jackets are very popular. Such a jacket is definitely an eye-catcher and looks super loose with casual jeans and gives men of all ages a youthful, sporty impression.

Biker jacket or short leather jacket

What fits better than the image of a hard, rebellious biker than a leather jacket? Once again, the jacket’s durability and flexibility proved to be a clear advantage over other clothing materials. Leather doesn’t tear so quickly, can be easily cleaned of dirt and grime – oil and petrol could simply be wiped off – keeps wind away and doesn’t let moisture through.

Perfect for use on rough roads. Meanwhile motorcyclists use biker jackets with protectors and other protective devices in the event of a fall. Conventional biker leather jackets should not be used for motorcycle use without the right protective clothing. But fashionably it is simply an absolute eye-catcher and hardly a jacket can be used as unbelievably versatilely as the short leather jacket. Not for nothing it was found in different movies, like Fight Club with Brad Pitt or Johnny Strabler with Marlon Brando etc.. Use. It developed over the jacket to an absolute cult symbol and is still popular with old and young.

Leather coat

Then there’s the leather coat. We’re not talking about special leather coats, such as those worn by Keanu Reeves in the Matrix trilogy, but rather the more classic leather coat. Basically, it is a longer-looking normal leather jacket. Since it is a coat, the leather coat looks rather classic. But also here you can find casual models. But also shorter versions are offered, which beat the connection between jacket and coat. A coat keeps warmer due to its length and is especially recommended in colder seasons or windy times.

Lambskin jackets

Lambskin jackets are also leather jackets, but have a completely different look than the classic leather jacket. It is not smooth leather that is used, but suede leather. This is rougher and more susceptible to dirt and moisture. Lambskin jackets are usually lined on the inside and keep warmer than most classic leather jackets. The advantage here is also the robustness and durability of the material.

Leather down jacket

It should be generally known that leather jackets are usually rather thin. Down leather jackets are a remedy here. These are additionally lined with down feathers and thus also make use possible in winter. Otherwise, they offer all the advantages of a leather jacket, but bring the characteristics of a winter jacket with them.